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The Siena landscape is made of colour: so many different shades. Taste: unique products, a gift from a bountiful mother earth. Perfumes: strong, centuries-old, captivating. A land of poets, painters and sculptors encompassing an extraordinary historical, artistic, cultural and environmental heritage. Tradition, history and a food and drink cornucopia within a truly unique landscape and a multi-faceted, protected natural environment. Here man and nature still live in harmony and mutual respect. Here time has stood still for the last couple of centuries.

Around the Villa

In the heart of Tuscany

Villa Armena is fortunate to be in the beating heart of the province of Siena, in a part of Tuscany known and loved all over the world. The most romantic Tuscany, the Tuscany of gentle hills, churches, dazzling landscapes, medieval monasteries and priceless works of art. A veritable triumph of beauty.
We are proud of our district and at the same time glad to share it with our guests, because certain emotions are impossible to explain. They can only be lived. And so we have prepared this little guide which we hope will be of assistance to readers, helping them to get their bearings in this humble yet marvellous corner of Italy, spending a fantastic day in the company of the hot Tuscan sun. When the sun goes down, you will return to Villa Armena and revel in the memory of the day coming to a close, sipping a glass of Brunello together with your loved ones.

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