• The Crete Senesi
    The Crete Senesi

A journey through the Crete Senesi is like an eyes-wide-open, feet-on-the-ground dream because the Crete are "anatomically" the impalpable soul of a seductive body which sometimes expresses itself in the sculpted form of a Greek statue and sometimes with the sinuous curves of a siren. The Crete Senesi then, as a journey of the soul, a journey of discovery to be embarked on with the same spirit as those who went on the Grand Tour, without seeking out mystical, pointless destinations. Meandering through the earthen waves of the Crete each one of us can find places that "speak" with the breath of the wind and with the magic of unpredictable light. There are no iconic destinations such as squares, cathedrals or castles to identify this territory, just intimate spots such as that cypress tree over there, an old farm, the curve of that road, the farm window, or moments linked to strong feelings like the smell of pecorino cheese which permeates the shelves of a small grocery store, the soothing warmth of hot springs, the mystical simplicity of a small Romanesque church. The landscape of the Crete is the harmonious triumph of the essential over the frivolous, a timeless image, a picture that blends the forms of an Etruscan graffito with modern art. Harmony that takes hold of you and has the power to balance energy levels: emotions and sensations change shape, calmly contracting and expanding.