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    Gastronomy Home-grown Italian quality

Our "Made in Italy" approach leads us to support local Kilometre 0 products and, where possible, to use "Slow Food" produce which is a byword for exceedingly high quality and certified origin.


The Sorbo Allegro
[the Merry Rowan]

This hundred-year old tree that welcomes guests to the Villa garden gave its name to our restaurant. So why do we use the word Merry? Because dining in company is a crucial moment of the day, one which must be lived in a superbly maintained, elegant atmosphere exuding a sense of pleasure; where tradition meets imagination to produce results which are excellent and never dull. The same care and attention is paid to breakfast, taken in the conservatory, where the warm Tuscan sun will be the first to greet you in the morning.

The Villa Armena Living Room

Relaxation as a lifestyle

As in any self-respecting house Villa Armena has its own living room. A special room where you can relax after a long day exploring Tuscany, challenging yourself on the greens at one of the affiliated golf-clubs or just lounging in the sun by the pool. In fact Villa Armena is not a hotel, but a Tuscan Villa belonging to the Hosts and this room perfectly encapsulates their philosophy. Here you will find a selection of fine "vini da meditazione" in other words, wines to be enjoyed on their own, unaccompanied by food, a wide selection of different types of grappa and the best liquors from all over the world. Enjoy a drink whilst lounging in an armchair, gazing over the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Guaranteed to stir the heart.

The wine cellar

A stroll among Italian wines

Ours has been and continues to be a painstaking pursuit of excellence in the world of Italian wine. We eschew typical mass-produced classics and instead focus on lesser-known, smaller vineyards, where you will find passion and professionalism and where the products are genuine. Our wine cellar will give you an overview of Italy's regions, from Valle d'Aosta to Calabria, taking in the islands too. In search of age-old genuineness that speaks of history and tradition. Italy: truly wonderful!