• Siena on foot
    Siena on foot

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Siena is famous throughout the world for its Contrade. There are 17 in all. This mini tour will allow you to become familiar with the origin, history and rituals. You will visit some museums: real gems which preserve with religious care not only relics related to jockeys and horses from previous races but also the actual flag fought for and won in Piazza del Campo in the legendary Palio. And if you're lucky enough to take part in this most original mini-tour on July 1 and August 16 you will also attend the rehearsals for the race!
Every person who lives in Siena strongly identifies with the values and traditions of their own Contrada; if you understand the dynamics it will help you to better understand both Siena's past and present.

The "Fine Arts" walk

Do you love art? Do you love beautiful art? This beautiful mini-tour will allow you to discover some of Siena's most precious treasures. Amazing works such as the Fonte Gaia, the facade and the pulpit of the Duomo [Cathedral], the majesty of Duccio di Buoninsegna or the "Good and Bad Government" by Lorenzetti are some of the masterpieces that you will see and learn about.