Transform The Traditional Group Trip into a Destination Family Reunion in Tuscany

Transform The Traditional Group Trip into a Destination Family Reunion in Tuscany

In the past, a family reunion meant a trip back to your hometown for picnics and flipping though photo albums. No more!  Family reunions have undergone a transformation.  While the focus is still on reuniting generations of relatives and spending time together, today’s destination reunions are all about creating new memories instead of dwelling in old ones. With relatives scattered across states and continents, the sky is the limit when selecting a reunion locale. The Italian culture is among the most family focused, which makes Tuscany an ideal place for the generations to gather. To make your next family reunion a success, keep these planning tips in mind.

Select a Destination That Appeals to Every Generation

The key to a successful international family reunion is selecting a location with multi-generational appeal. Family friendly hotels Tuscany are perfect jumping-off spots for a wide range of activities. The little ones will soak up the sights and smells of local markets, ride bikes along country roads, take a dip in a pool or tumble down lush hills. The grownups can indulge in wine tastings while the grandparents can work on their golf game. The whole crowd is sure to enjoy exploring the local abbeys and villages. With so much to do, a destination reunion in Tuscany is a trip of lifetimes.  

Set the Date Well in Advance

School calendars, work schedules and budgets can all make selecting a reunion date tricky. Set travel and reunion dates between 18 and 12 months in advance.  This allows relatives to make the trip a priority, both in the budget and on the calendar, and to get the best prices on airfare.

Go Digital 

Technology and social media make it easier than ever to preserve family memories.  Make photo sharing on Facebook or Instagram easy for establishing a family reunion hashtag.  Tags such as #SmithTuscanyReunion or #FromTucsonToTuscany are a fun way to get everyone involved in snapping and sharing memories.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to find a date that works for everyone, there will be family members who don’t make the trip. While they will certainly be jealous of your time in Tuscany, you can help them experience the reunion fun by streaming portions of the event on Facebook Live or by video chatting though Skype or Facetime.