The Best Honeymoon Spots in Tuscany: Florence and Siena (Part 1)

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Are you looking for honeymoon ideas and don't know where to start? Well, look no further than romantic Tuscany, a place that is revered worldwide for its gorgeous landscapes, tasty food, and rich culture. 

Considering the fact that 60% of Millennials would rather spend their money on experiences rather than material things, there is no time like the present to head to a Tuscany honeymoon villa to celebrate your marriage. While each honeymoon is different and ranges in length of time spent in Italy, make sure not to miss out Tuscany honeymoon ideas on your trip! 

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Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is a great place to start simply because it is littered with fantastic things to do. The city dates back to the Renaissance and is home to the famous Medici family. Some great things to check out in this cultural city include:

  • Tour the Duomo. The main focal point of the city has steps that allow you to go all the way to the top and get breathtaking views of the city.
  • Go see Michelangelo's the David at the Galleria dell'Accademia.
  • View life as the Medici's saw it in Santa Croce.
  • Buy all the jewelry you'd like on the Ponte Vecchico.
  • Take in the greenery and unique sculptures at the Boboli Gardens.

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Step back in time in Siena, where buildings are made from brick as far as the eye can see. Make sure to:

  • Explore the city's different neighborhoods-- each one has a different animal as its mascot.
  • Run around the Piazza Del Campo. Known for its famous horse race, the Palio, this square is in the center of the city and has tons of shops to explore.
  • Climb up the Torre Del Mangia. You can climb over 400 steps to see great views of the city and the countryside dotted with vineyards and rolling hills.
  • Marvel at the striped walls in the Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta. Tuscany is known for its striped church interiors, and this serves as a perfect example.

In our next blog, we'll cover some of the best places to see in San Gimignano, Lucca, and Pisa!So keep your eyes peeled for more of the best honeymoon spots in Tuscany!