Make The Most of Your Tuscan Honeymoon

Tuscany Honeymoon Villa (1)

From dancing on cobblestone plazas to roaming through ancient cities and wandering among vineyards, Tuscany is for lovers. Tuscany honeymoon hotels are the perfect backdrop for a fairytale romance, and there is no better place to start a new life together. To make the most of your Tuscan honeymoon, keep these tips in mind.

Choose your dates

Don’t let your wedding date dictate your honeymoon schedule. Rather than jumping into a limo and heading straight from the reception to the airport, waiting a few weeks or months provides extra flexibility for your travel planning. Tuscany is at its best in September and October when the vines overflow with grapes and the hillsides are painted with the colors of changing leaves. May and June offer lovely warm weather, and spring and autumn come with the best prices. But be careful of scheduling a Tuscan honeymoon in August. During the late summer, many shops and restaurants close for their own getaways.

Get Active

According to a recent study published in Travel Pulse, 80 percent of couples want to be active and health-conscious during their honeymoon. The number of adventurous couples that want to experience the outdoors during their romantic getaway is on the rise. Tuscany is ideal for combining luxury with adventure and fitness. Get a fresh perspective on the epic landscapes of Chianti and Siena with a bike ride along quiet county roads. Or work up a sexy glow with a hike from your Tuscany honeymoon villa along the Florentine hills.


With the wedding diet behind you, it’s time to relax and indulge. By day, sip some of the world’s most tempting vintages on Tuscan wine tours. By night, savor a gourmet meal created from the freshest ingredients and centuries-old recipes. Get hands-on with a cooking class so that you can recreate the romance for a lifetime of anniversaries.