Beyond the Scenery: Things To Do in Tuscany

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You are probably already enamored with the idea of gorgeous Tuscany. Sun-drenched vineyards, rolling hills, cobblestone streets…. it’s a postcard-perfect setting. But, once you arrive in this fairytale locale, what do you do. Well, first, you will probably want to spend some time just soaking in all the beauty, but then it’s time to get out and explore. Boutique hotels in Tuscany are the perfect starting point for all sorts of activities and adventures.

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Cooking classes in Tuscany

Take the flavor of Italy home with you by learning to recreate your favorite dishes. In classes led by renowned chefs, you will learn how to make pasta from scratch, infuse sauce with basil and love, and you can even go hunting for truffles. Most importantly, you will learn how to pair all your creations with the right wines.

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Wine tours

What would Tuscany be without wine? Sampling the area's varietals is certainly the most people-friendly activity in Tuscany and for good reason. Organized Tuscan wine tours let you sip and sample from several of leading vineyards while also giving you an up close look at how wine is produced.

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Bike tours

After all that tasting and sipping, you will be ready for something active. A bike tour is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the sweeping landscapes and to explore the villages that dot the countryside. While Tuscany offers hills and mountain passes that will challenge even serious cyclists, there are also easy paths and laid-back itineraries for novices.

Villa Armena - Events in Tuscany

Festivals and Seasonal Events

Every day is a celebration in Tuscany, but late spring through early fall brings a variety of festivals to celebrate everything from truffles to olive oil. During the holidays, the Christmas Markets in Florence are not to be missed. Overflowing with gifts, decorations and tasty treats, the Florence Christmas Market is a feast for the senses. Just before Lent, Tuscany comes alive for Carnevale. The area has been celebrating Carnevale since 1539, so they have had plenty of time to prefect the magic. With parades, costumes, sweet treats and boisterous crowds, Carnevale in Tuscany deserves a spot on every bucket list.