Posted in Villa Armena on 04.05.2010

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Buonconvento and the “Crete Senesi”

Posted in Around the Villa on 15.04.2010

Today we add to our blog two very short clips: one about Buonconvento, Villa Armena’s hometown, and a second one on the magnificient Crete Senesi; they will take your breath away.
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The Junior Suite “Orlando di Donusdeo”

Posted in Villa Armena on 10.04.2010

The second room we are introducing today is the Junior Suite Orlando di Donusdeo. This incredible bedroom, that has a total area of 38m2, shows perfectly the concept we have tried to create when restoring Villa Armena: respecting the historical importance of the building while adding a little contemporary touch thus creating a truly original yet extremely elegant effect.
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